Pork Jelly 肉皮冻

It is an essential to make the Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 and Shanghai Potsticker Buns 生煎馒头Prepare the pork jelly one day before.

  • 1L              water
  • 100g           pork skin 猪肉皮
  • 200g           chicken bones 鸡架子
  • 50g            Ham
  • 10g           ginger, crushed
  • 5             spring onions, halved
  • 1 tablespoon    Chinese cooking wine 料酒


  1. Wash the pork skin and cook it for 2 minutes, drain and cool it down with water
  2. Remove the fat and scrap the skin side. Use tweezers 猪毛钳子to remove the hair if necessary.
  3. Cut the pork skin in strips of 2cm. Place the strips, chicken bones, ham, ginger, spring onions and cooking wine with 1L water in a pot and bring it boil. Remove the foam if needed.
  4. Turn to low medium heat and cook for 1.5 hours.
  5. Remove all the ingredients in the stock except the pork skin.
  6. Put the pork skin in a blender and grind it a tablespoon of stock.
  7. Put the ground pork skin back to the stock and mix well.
  8. Pour the stock in a plastic box, cool it off and put the box in the fridge overnight.
  9. Cut the jelly into small cubes of 1cm.
  10. Ready to use for the filling of  the Xiao Long Bao and Shanghai Potsticker Buns


You can always make much larger quantity of the pork jelly. You can leave the cubes in the freezer for up to 3 months. Whenever you’d like to make the Xiao Long Bao and Shanghai Potsticker Buns, just take the desired quantity out of the freezer and leave it in the fridge the previous night.

4 thoughts on “Pork Jelly 肉皮冻

  1. Hello, I wish to thank you for teaching this 包汁 filling. I now can make lovely breakfast for my 4 yr old daughter instead of porridge and bread.
    When I visited Shanghai, I loved the 梅菜包 shops sold and served for breakfast. I miss it terribly. It was so delicious but I cannot get it anywhere in Singapore. I hope you can publish this filling at your website or email me.
    Thanks and best regards


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